Series of paintings.

"Not like you", 75*75 cm

We must admit that not each of us is able to enjoy life in all its colors.
Being healphy and loved, we take our life and possibilities for granted.
A lot of people even feel depressed and miserable. While they have houses, gadgets and everything else.
Meantime - there are groups of people with all kind of disabilities ( phisycal or mental), who try to find happiness in every single day.
They build their own worlds, there they feel comfortable and safety.
Strange and beautiful worlds.

"Prickly inside", 75*75 cm

Women are like flowers: they have a lot in common.
Red succulent simbolizes the soul of a woman, who has no right to be free in her nature.
You may ask - "Where are the prickles of the cactus?"
"They are all inside" - that is the answer.
The same as women's pain and aspirations.
She has to be gentle, blind and unquestioning.
She has to be convenient.
For someone else.
And no one cares of her real feelings hidden behind the outer shell.

 © 2019 Katerina Kosterina. All rights reserved.